EViD Electronic Pollbooks Streamline Operations On Election Day In Charlottesville, Virginia
New Pollbook Helps Improve the Voting Experience for Charlottesville Citizens

Richmond, Virginia and Tallahassee, Florida – June 30, 2015 – This month the City of Charlottesville, Virginia successfully conducted a primary election using the EViD® electronic pollbook for the first time, announced VR Systems and BEC. The EViD pollbook, provided under a recent contract with BEC signed in April, carries a strong industry reputation for advanced capabilities in data integrity, ease of use, and customer support.

“During the election we visited many precincts to observe and ensure that the elections ran efficiently, including the use of the new EViD pollbooks,” said Jim Nix, City of Charlottesville Electoral Board Chairman. “Every facet of the voter check-in process went smoothly, and our pollworkers spoke very highly of how easy the new system was to use. The voters appreciated the efficiency and speed at which the lines in each polling place moved.”

The EViD pollbook is a software solution specifically designed for election needs. Used in 15 states across the country, EViD provides Charlottesville a number of additional and enhanced capabilities over previous elections, including:

  • The ability to assign multiple ballot styles within a single precinct
  • Improved integrity of voter information to conform to the VERIS system
  • Significant reduction of the time and effort required to open a polling place and to close down at the end of the day
  • Enhanced “ease of use” and a more intuitive interface for pollworkers
  • Full support from Virginia‐based BEC in the event that any assistance is needed during election day

In all, 28 EViDs were prepared for the election.

“BEC strives to be a true partner to all of our customers and together with VR we worked to make sure everything was in place on election day,” said Kevin White, Service Coordinator BEC. “Our efforts paid off, as we experienced no reports of problems. This underscores the fact that EViD is an excellent selection for Charlottesville.”

EViD, developed by VR Systems and sold in Virginia by BEC, has been certified in Virginia since 2009. VR Systems, based out of Florida with offices in North Carolina, has been providing software technology to the elections industry for over 20 years.

“VR’s mission has always been to help elections officials enhance access for all voters and to improve the voting experience,“ said Mindy Perkins, President of VR Systems. “EViD is a great choice for Charlottesville and all of Virginia. Together with BEC we are committed to its continued success and growth in the Commonwealth.”


About VR Systems

Founded in 1992, VR Systems provides elections management services focused on the integrity of the registration and reporting processes. Following elections overhaul legislation in Florida in the early 2000’s, VR Systems began expanding its offerings across the state of Florida and today VR Systems serves elections clients in 15 states. The company, headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, with a regional office in Matthews, North Carolina, is 100 percent employee owned (ESOP) by its 42 employees. Its suite of products and services include the EViD electronic pollbook, the Voter Focus elections management solution, Web Focus web management services and ELM election worker training. For more information please visit www.vrsystems.com.

About BEC Plastic Card Solutions

BEC has been providing services and solutions to the commonwealth for over 50 years and take great pride in our services. Since 2005 BEC has provided local on-­‐site support, sales and training to many localities across Virginia. BEC has a combined technical experience of over 45 years and strives to maintain superior service by maintaining factory trained and certified technicians on every product we offer. BEC is Micro SWAM Certified, Swam Certified, EVA Certified and all employees are DCJS registered. Service and support for our customers is the main foundation of BEC and will continue to be for many years.

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