Electronic Pollbook Solution

  • Easy to use
  • Supports same-day registration
  • Accommodates early voting and vote centers
  • Industry-leading monitoring program - WebMonitor

Easy to Use and Intuitive

For more than a decade, the EViD pollbook has been refined and enhanced based on feedback from our customers. One of the most important features we know election directors need is for their pollworkers to feel confident while checking in voters. The EViD interface reduces the amount of decisions a pollworker has to make during check-in. Voter information is easy to find and easy to update. This cuts down on the time required for questions as well as time needed for training.

Same Day Registration

More and more states have been adding the option for voters to complete same day registration. VR fully provides all the functionality needed to comply with these requirements.The EViD solution can process and communicate same day voter registration information to the voter registration system. EViD integrates seamlessly with a range of registration systems and has successfully supported same day registration in several states. 

Vote Centers: Early Voting and Election Day

VR Systems fully supports early voting and Election Day voting at designated vote centers. The EViD solution provides streamlined voter verification and check-in, and tracks absentee status and mail ballot drop-offs. The system communicates and synchronizes voter check-in activity between vote centers across the jurisdiction and within the voter registration system. All of this helps to expand the opportunities for voters to cast their ballots.

Real-time Monitoring

WebMonitor for EViD is a web-based application that allows elections directors to instantly view the status of EViDs across their jurisdiction. Data provided includes polling location status, such as opening and closing, and projected wait times. WebMonitor keeps track of how many voters have checked-in and is a valuable tool for answering media requests. The application provides election directors the knowledge to adjust operations at a precinct level while maintaining easy access to important election statistics. 

Electronic Pollbook Solution

Working With VR

Our EViD technical support team works closely with jurisdictions throughout the election lifecycle to ensure optimum pollbook performance. We are on-hand during the election to assist in any way so that you have a successful election, every time. It is not unusual for our customers to rely on us for issues unrelated to the EViD because that's how committed we are to you. You can always get a live voice on the phone 24/7 and we do not charge you extra. Our number one purpose is your success.  

“The entire EViD crew was just great! I'm really impressed with the company and how things are done."

- Steve Latimer, Craven County, NC

EViD Electronic Pollbooks in the Field

States Using EViD

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • North Carolina
  • New York

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