Voter Focus

Complete Voter Registration and Elections Management Solution

Voter Focus is an elections management solution before, during, and after election day. This solution organizes the entire election cycle, from start to finish, including voter registration, mail ballot delivery, precinct look-up, pollworker management, candidate requests and all of the many tools you need to conduct a successful election. Voter Focus comes automatically with software updates, compliance updates and extensive built-in QA capabilities so you don't have to worry.

With Voter Focus you can manage the elections cycle smoothly, deploy your election workers efficiently, reach your voters effectively, and stay up to date with current regulations.

Key Features



We’ve assembled all the tools you’ll need to manage every aspect of an elections organization in one suite of powerful tools — from voter registration and deploying polling sites to reporting and voter correspondence and everything in between. That means you will not have to worry about installing multiple applications, compatibility, or getting multiple budget items approved.



Voter Focus will take care of voter records, eligibility, registration, and correspondence — it will even validate and transmit petitions. On election day it will deploy pollworkers, track time, and generate and print precinct registers. Afterward, you can process detailed reports, cut pollworker payroll, and maintain detailed histories. And we’re just getting started.



Because everything is in one application, the next election cycle will be your smoothest yet. You will control all your tasks across the entire election cycle from one powerful interface — no more jumping between apps or migrating data between applications just to get the job done. Your voter rolls will always be up to date and NCOA third-party address change systems are fully supported.


Compliance? Done!

Regular software updates are a part of the package. This means that your elections management systems will always have the latest version and comply with the latest elections laws and regulations in your state. Documents are scanned and indexed to voter records and there is even a Voter Verify mobile app available.

"VR Systems has been a complete partner with us. They understand the backbone of registration and elections, and have been incredible partners."

- Anne Marie Middlesworth, Henrico County, Va.

Discover Voter Focus

We understand the needs of elections organizations because that’s all we do. That kind of singular focus makes a big difference in the quality of our products and the features we bring to the community. The Voter Focus solution makes elections management easy. But don’t just take our word for it. We’d love to show you around the application so that you can see for yourself.

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