Electronic Pollbook

VR was one of the first companies to develop and patent the electronic pollbook. For the past 12 years we have refined and enhanced our EViD line. Today, there are more than 14,000 stations are in use. Along the way we have developed products and services for our customers who want to better integrate their pollbook system within their current elections program. 


Voter Registration

VR has developed platforms that enable jurisdictions to manage the complex requirements of elections preparation, execution, and follow up.  From voter roll maintenance, precinct finders, absentee ballot tracking, campaign finance and more, VR has streamlined and built out systems that are easy to use and easy to integrate. 

Web & Online Services

VR has applied its elections-only focus to provide website development and web services geared specifically to elections offices. Our staff is specially trained to understand the types of information constituents look for and how to effectively build back-end solutions that deliver it.  VR also offers online training platforms which have greatly reduced the resources and costs associated with election worker training.

Complete Customer Care

VR's success is built around the needs of the customer.  Our primary mission is to support a successful election, every time.  Customer care is integral to this success and our number one area of focus.  When you call VR, no matter the hour, you will always get a person on the line. And if they can't help you, we will find someone who can. Our service guarantees are the best in the industry because we want to make sure you succeed. 

"Just a quick thank you to VR for getting three projects off our plate in the same week - that was amazing!"

- Stephen Brittain, Lee County, FL

What Sets Us Apart

Elections Focus

Because elections are all we do, our deep expertise and knowledge of the challenges facing elections officials set us apart. Our technology takes into account the security, scale and flexibility required for a successful election, every time. All of our products and services were developed in response to the needs of the election community. We make the elections process more efficient, more positive and more secure.

Decades of Experience

For 25 years VR has listened and learned from our customers. From eliminating paper pollbooks, utilizing web communications and education, online registration and same day registration, VR has been ushering in new and better ideas. Its our history that gives us the power and foresight to do this best.  And every customer that we have worked with in the past is still a customer today.


Our customers are charged with providing a platform for one of the most important civic duties. Public trust in elections requires transparency and the confidence voters get from a well run election.  All of our products are designed to be as efficient as possible while balancing openness with security. If a question or concern ever arises, VR is there standing beside our customers to guarantee a successful outcome.

"VR allows the voters to know what's happening. And that takes away their fears that somehow the election may be altered or changed. Part of that process is transparency, and it's integrated into VR's entire system."

- Jerry Holland, Duval County, FL