About Us

At VR Systems, our vision is an elections community that conducts successful elections, every time. To bring that vision into reality, we strive to provide the best products, services and support to enable election officials to secure the public’s trust in democracy.

Our Approach

VR Systems started as a family-owned business. But as the number of communities that trusted VR products grew, our founders — Jane and David Watson — realized that they needed to extend their vision of VR Systems far into the future to ensure that the values and pride of ownership that helped make the company so successful would carry on to the next generation. So, in 2010, Jane and David helped promote the future success of their company by placing VR Systems into the hands of the dedicated employees who made the business work.

This shared ownership structure, known as an ESOP, allows us to better access the talents and energy of the whole team in order to build products and deliver services to our communities. Shared responsibility and decision-making inspires everyone toward continual improvement over the long term — making the best software and giving the best customer service every day.

Today VR is led by CEO Mindy Perkins, VR’s very first employee. Mindy is joined by senior managers who have been with VR since the early days. VR has built a team of talented developers and a trained support staff. We take pride in the quality of our elections products and solutions. But, as important as great equipment and software are, it’s our people that make the difference. They deliver the world-class customer service and support you can always rely on.

We Care. We’re Focused. We’re Dedicated. We Listen. We Keep Pace.