Comprehensive Elections Training Solution

ELM is an online elections training platform designed specifically for election worker training. Designed to accommodate a wide range of users and learning styles, ELM offers the flexibility, usability and convenience that your workers appreciate.  Best of all, ELM can cut down considerably on the time needed to train large groups.  Each jurisdiction can create custom training by reusing existing media content or content from the ELM collaborative library.

With ELM, elections directors can gain more time to focus on running an election and elections workers can prepare in the manner they learn best. 

Key Features


Create Once, Use Again

People like online training because it lets them go at their own pace without feeling the pressure of other learners and time limits. It also means that you will be able to use ELM to create your training programs and then reuse them again and again. And the student statistics will help you find points of improvement each time someone takes the course you created. ELM is the perfect tool for elections training.


Collaborate and Share

Dozens of elections jurisdictions are using the ELM elections training platform now and every one of them is focused on the same goal — making elections seamless and successful for their voters and staff. That’s why we built in a content sharing library where users can make their materials available to others in the ELM community. You can see some of the best training ideas of your peers and share you own in a collaborative way.


Create in Record Time

You can load all of your existing materials into ELM. That means your existing documents, images, slide decks, and videos can all be easily wrapped into an intuitive interface. And once you publish your elections training courses, users log in and walk through the materials at their own pace via the simple, intuitive interface. That means no special computer experience is necessary and you save time while they learn.


Track Progress Instantly

ELM has built-in monitoring so staff can identify who needs additional training and gauge the effectiveness of a specific class. ELM reports mean you can track overall progress in getting ready for an election. The best part is that everything is contained on one platform and accessed through one interface. It has never been this easy to track elections training before.

Talk to Us About ELM

The ELM training system will make getting your election team up and running faster and easier than you thought possible. We’d be happy to tell you about it and then get you all the information you need, and once you see it in action you’ll be convinced. There is never a cost or obligation.

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